May Flowers

So May is just a week away and we are all familiar with the term “April Showers, May Flowers”. Living in the South I have had the blessing of seeing so many pretty flowers bloom already and have been inspired to recreate some of these flowers. I am making some adorable cloche hats and headbands for my grand daughter and niece. It has been so much fun looking for flowers to duplicate. I can’t wait to see how many different types I will make in May. I found this cloche hat pattern at via Red Haired Amazona. The ladies here have worked really hard to translate the Russian Lady’s lovely pattern. I am thrilled with the way this turned out and am now making some in other colors and some headbands that I can embellish with May flowers. I encourage everyone to embrace springtime and explore the flowers. The colors and choices are endless. Enjoy! The lovely headbands can be found on by Kinga Erdem.

11182031_467376023420080_8805533663364525938_n 11038792_467384073419275_2509860616325485713_n 10409273_467378830086466_5360529298023956370_n

11133795_467616356729380_3959828269603402532_n 11011467_467616246729391_8148597049698636232_n11173376_10206960919807777_1949522011238385165_n (1)


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