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To gusset or not to gusset

Knitigating Circumstances

I have knit 11 pairs of fingerless mitts over the last few years.  Each of these has had a gusset.  A gusset is the triangular-shaped expansion that is knit into the mitt to provide room for the thumb.  The gusset can be merely practical, allowing for a better fit, or it can be a canvas for creative design, in which the oddly-shaped wedge sparks some artistic ingenuity.  The former kind can be seen, for example, in my Wedgewood Mitts (designed by me and blogged here):


Often, the gusset is knit in plain stockinette regardless of the pattern on the body of the mitt, as in the Antiquity Mitts, designed by Alicia Plummer.  Here is my pair:


Sometimes, an overall pattern is incorporated into the gusset increases, as in the Flecktone Mitts, designed by Susan Moskwa.  Here is my pair, knit for Leah:


And sometimes, the gusset is…

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WIP Wednesday: Go Patriots! Socks 

Love the colors of the socks but ya know I’m a Panthers girl:)

My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventures

I have made progress on the Hubby’s Go Patriots! Socks but alas it’s become eminently clear that these won’t make the #dcspigskinparty2015 KAL deadline of the Super Bowl. But no worries I’ll still get a cute FO regardless!

As you can see I’m finished with the heel of the first sock. I had a brainstorm while working the foot that these are just the first few socks I’ve knit for the husband. (I have just finished the Heritage Vanilla socks for the hubby and they used a 60% afterthought heel.) Now I know what kinds of heels I like in my socks but the hubby doesn’t (and maybe won’t care). Anyhow I’ve decided to do a gusset heel for this pair. That way he has a pair of each and can tell me which is more comfortable after wearing for awhile.

We will see but for the time being I…

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Either very behind or very ahead

Glenna Knits

Knitter friends, how is your post-New Year knitting world taking shape? Have you been filled with the start-itis impulse to cast on everything you were holding off on before gift-knitting season took over? Or perhaps you are in the doldrums of the dark and cold of January and are just plain looking for something new to hold your interest.

This last one is my usual situation for this time of year. I routinely forget that January is just The Worst in may ways – it’s the coldest, the darkest, and seemingly the longest month of the year, and with no extended holiday break to look forward to at the end of it. The reward for getting through January is February, which let’s face it is also pretty brisk around here. The only way out is through, though, so it helps to have some cheerful knitting to look at in the…

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Handspinner Spotlight :: Rachael Campbell

Wool n' Spinning

The Handspinner Spotlight is an opportunity for me to share with all of you some of the amazing handspinners out there in our community. It is an opportunity to see some of their work, as well as start to get to know a little bit about who they are and what brought them to spinning. This month features Rachael Campbell, who I connected and started to chat with on Intagram. She posts beautiful photos of her handspun yarns, knitted projects (often with handspun) and her lovely cats.

Let’s hear from Rachael ::


Hello, I’m Rachael Campbell. I live just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan, with my wonderful husband and two lively orange tabbies.

I came to spinning after attending a fiber arts festival with my best friend and fellow handspinner, Miranda. She introduced me to various fiber dyers like Pigeon Roof Studios and Beesybee Fibers, and encouraged me to check…

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A Quick snack..Masala vadas🍥

Gotta try this one day.



Hello everyone..?

After a series of thought provoking Sunday posts I felt I was becoming some sort of a philosopher..
Being dragged deep into an abyss of thoughts.. So just to overcome it, presenting a yummy post today..
Ok so most of my Indian reader friends obviously  would know this dish..but still sharing it cause I made it for the recently concluded festival we call Pongal/Sankranthi..


☝The Rangoli (drawings with rice and chalk powder) outside my home on the festive day..

So coming back , presenting  Masala vada..that is fried  Bengal Gram fritters..

Usually it’s had with mint chutney or sauce or I like it just like that

So for making Masala  Vada/Bengal gram (channa dal) fritters

Ingredients required

Channa dal / Bengal gram – 400 grams ( makes about approx 15 medium sized vadas)


From clockwise..


1.Chillies – 2 nos ( according to the spiciness required)


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