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Handspun Socks, For the Win!


 Handspun socks have long been on my bucket list of spinning + knitting goals and yet I’ve been loath to commit to the undertaking. It always felt like there were just so many things that had to work out just so in order for socks to really spring forth from fiber. I tend to get overwhelmed by complex plans and spinning for socks seemed exactly that: complicated and overwhelming. There was a 70/30 chance it would take me 20years to work up to attempting this feat.

Enter my February installment of the Three Waters FarmTop of the Month Club. I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to make with it…

littBut I knew I loved the blues and browns with the pop of yellow. I had no choice, but to just start spinning and see where it took me.

img_2414-1It took me here.

img_2417And then here.

the pretty pileAnd then…

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Hyacinths Cast on 37sts worsted or dk weight with size 6 needles Row 1: sl 1, knit across Row 2 & all even rows (WS): sl1, purl Across Repeat rows 1 | Snugglebugg Knits

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