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Bijou Bliss + Ashbury Mitts


In case you missed it, I thought I’d talk a little bit about a project as well as a post I wrote up for the Bijou Basin Ranchblog. I’ve have the pleasure of doing some guest blogging for them in a really fun series dubbed “Getting to know you.” The first post was all about swatches in general — why they’re important, what we learn from them, and how to use them. This month, I got to actually talk about a project from start to finish — from buying the yarn to finding the perfect project to knitting it up.

I’ll leave the details of that story for the Bijou Basin Ranch blog — you can find it all right here— but I thought I’d show off the project a here because I think it turned out pretty spectacularly.

You see, they started here…

img_3213And they kind…

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Bring On the Solstice, Please!


It is that fateful time of year for me – you know how some people get cabin fever in the winter? I kind of feel like I have the summer version of it, especially right around the solstice. The long days wear on me and I get overwhelmed and listless and irritable because of all the time spent out and about, all the noise of summer. I honestly don’t even think my routine is all that different, but I feel like I’m constantly behind. Even simple, silly things, like preventing backslide from our monumental spring cleaning and running errands wears on me. I greet the solstice (which is next week — hallelujah!) with relief knowing that I’m finally inching back toward earlier sunsets, the quiet of autumn and winter, and the luxury of space & time to be able to think clearly again.

While I’ve definitely been chasing everything…

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