On Endings, Family, and Being Thankful


A week ago Sunday at around dinnertime, my family and I set off for our family vacation to southwestern Missouri. For some unknown reason, my phone’s GPS decided that instead of our usual route that takes us to and around Kansas City, that a more direct route through central Missouri was preferable. We questioned the route, but thought that surely some construction had made this a better option than going via Kansas City. Somewhere in southern Iowa, we turned off the interstate and headed south.

As rain poured down and steamed off the road sometime between 10pm & midnight, the road twisted, turned, rose & fell and occasionally caused us to catch air. We spooked numerous owls and other wildlife from the side of the road — including a disturbingly large eye-shine from a tree hanging over the road that I’m pretty sure was a chupacabra. We became increasingly aware…

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