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Like a Freight Train


Life truly does keep moving on and on… like a freight train. Doesn’t it? And now we’re so deeply entrenched in the “must soak up as much sun and nice weather as possible” mode that being inside during the day for stretches of time beyond school & rainy days is a rarity. The crispness of the morning air is an ever-present reminder that winter is on its way and we have much to do before it arrives, so balancing indoor tasks and outdoor fun (and chores) is a very delicate dance. We’re muddling through, though, as we always do.

Despite being a little late to the game, last week we made our way to the Wade Housefor their Civil War Reenactment weekend. We actually spent two pretty full days there — Friday with their “school day” and Saturday at the actual reenactment event. The school day is really cool…

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Open Honeycomb

Open Honeycomb Stitch-SnugglebuggKnits CJDavis CO 33 sts with size 8 needles Multiples of 4 + 1st for the rim on each edge. Knit 1st and last | Snugglebugg Knits

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