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Christmas Traditions I – Advent Elves

Thanks for the wonderful ideas I can’t wait to share this with my Snugglebuggs. Merry Christmas

Stitch and Purl


Only two weeks until Advent starts, can you believe it? I thought I’d share a few of our traditions for this time of year.
(I’d love to hear yours, if you have family or childhood traditions you’d like to share, please do leave a comment.)

Last year, we had three little elves visit us for the time leading up to Christmas.
The boys loved them, and months ago they started asking if they will come and visit us again.
Why yes, of course they will!
I got the idea at the time from the Kindness Elves, although ours are a little more general “advent elves”. Our little elf figures came from Tiger, and their little door on our skirting board is a wall sticker from Lola’s Etsy shop .
You can see pictures from last year’s elf antics on the Stitch and Purl Facebook page where I posted…

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For When You Need A Little Something Extra


This is the time of year when we start to think about and stock up on stocking stuffers. Not necessarily actually destined for stockings, these are little extras that you can pop into a package when you do a swap with a friend or can round out a secret santa situation or maybe just help you put together a little goodie bag if you have a crafternoon with a friend.  A while back I got a few items Knitter’s Pride and as I’ve been testing them out and getting to know them, I was wondering what would be the best way to share them with you when it dawned on me that they would make perfect “extras” in these type of situations. So today, I get to share a couple ‘little something extra’ ideas with you — what fun!

First of all, check out this Circular Needle Protector.

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